Realistic representations of commissioned portraits and artistic studies. 



Expressive and emotive personal explorations into the self. 


Live painting performances with a burlesque element. 

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33 Foster St, Surry Hills



Artistic Specialties

about Shannon ALice

I am a passionate creative soul exploring concepts of the self through multiple visual expressions including performance art, live paintings, illustrations and fine art drawings. 

“True Art is the Compulsive Result of Man’s Urge to Open His Heart.”
– Edvard Munch


Am I Mad?

Art is my calming force to the tumultuous waves of life.

As I close the door on a difficult past, I end one life and begin another. Under the guiding light of an artistic purpose I start to see solidity in what was once merely a blurry vision in my looking glass mirror; the other side of which I have now finally found the courage to venture.

The person who I meet there is one of strength and conviction; a face I both recognise yet is so unfamiliar. She knows me though, more than I know myself, and soulfully whispers both her name and mine: Shannon. Alice. With open arms she welcomes me home.

Come with me on my journey as I discover whom she is, as she reveals to me, myself. She is the artistic heroin for which my spirit craves.

I welcome death and I welcome life. A prophetic rebirthing through the scorching fires of artistic creativity, refining my understanding of the truth of my existence in a fearless expression of self-exploration. I re-clothe myself in the fresh new flesh of creative direction. Pink and raw and fragile this tissue forms a myriad of scars over my past - healing, strengthening, reminding me – over a skeleton still the same, but within which houses now a soul renewed.

Through a sense of touch the purity of form I tenderly explore, purposefully and fluidly over the surface of each artistic piece. Each moment my art speaks softly to me, connecting myself to my subject through an intimacy that could only ever be achieved through the use of fingers alone. A symbiotic relationship; I pour as much of myself through the tips of my hands onto the paper, as I absorb of my subject of choice back into my soul; exhausting and energising. My art is a complex and conflicting relationship of fatiguing giving and unlimited gifts.

Fear. Strength. Terror. Confidence. I release myself into the bosom of an artistic embrace, the mother of which strokes the hair away from the furrowed brow of the artistic child I have been reborn into; soothing my fears, encouraging my spirit, igniting my passion, protecting my innocence, empowering my strength.

Welcome to the art of Shannon Alice. 

ARTISTIC Philosophy of SHANNON alice

"art is the love child of desperation and imagination."